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  The Christopher Robert Foundation has an important mission...
     We have been unfortunately seeing the sky-rocketing numbers of overdose deaths of our young people. Along with this terrifying number, we have noticed how many of these young people are leaving behind many broken hearts, yes...but we mean                                             the smaller ones.

Our group members were asked what problems were they struggling with, what causes their anxiety? These were some of their answers...
       The ones with tiny hands, and tiny feet, and no idea what just happened to their world. Children who have lost a  parent or loved one to addiction cannot voice what they don't understand. A child living with an addicted loved one is also traumatic, confusing and often goes without explanation. 

       With an overdose death comes a lot of conflicting emotions. On top of the grieving of the parent or loved one, there are waves of confusion, shame, guilt, embarrassment or even hatred. When a child's world is shattered, they may not know how to show you where it hurts.

We are here to help them heal...
    to help them pick up the pieces...
       and build a new, healthy and happy foundation.

     Through age appropriate support groups, education groups and healthy activities such as:
                Dance                                        Fitness & Nutrition
                Arts & Crafts                            Cooking 
                Martial Arts                              Music 
                Pet Therapy                              Gardening
                Yoga                                         & much more!
       Children of addicted parents and grieving children need proper education on the disease of addiction. This will aid in breaking the stigma and confirming to the children that although their loved one suffered or still suffers from addiction, that it is not their fault and they don't have to view their loved ones as "bad people". 

        The activities segment of the program helps kids "find the strength" that they already have by trying different types of activities at NO COST TO THE FAMILY. When a child excels at an activity or enjoys it, this activity can be used as a coping skill to aid the child in their healing, 

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