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Frequently Asked Questions

  How can I donate or volunteer?
  -Just click on the Donate/Volunteer tab in the menu, or contact us!

What kinds of activities will be offered for the kids?

    - Martial Arts Class
    - Art Class
    - Music Class
    - Dance Class
    - Craft Class
    - Yoga Class
    - Boxing Class
   ...and others to come!

 How much does it cost?

   - Our goal is to make all classes, groups and counseling free to families in need!

 What are the eligibility requirements?

_ This program is for children who are either living with a parents suffering from substance abuse or have lost a parent or loved one due to drug use.

      How will this program help these children?

         - Having affordable extracurricular activities can help these children gain a sense of stability, strength, trust and fun. Finding something they are good at and enjoy can help bring these children out of their trauma and give them an outlet and healthy coping skill.

         -Addiction is very much a family disease, so when the addict suffers, the family does also. These children are innocent and do not need to suffer, so giving them this program can help to prevent negative "acting out" behavior and future substance use.

          - Death due to a substance is very different for the surviving loved ones due to the nature of the disease while they were alive. This type of loss causes severely contradicting emotions which can be overwhelming for a child. Counseling, groups and education sessions can help these children understand the loss and the disease of addiction while still honoring their loved ones memory without guilt or shame.

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